Books about books and reading

Here are some books that the project has explored. We will update this list regularly so please come back to see more. We promise to avoid spoilers. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Anthony Browne, I like books (2003). 

Anthony Browne. The tunnel (1987). "The sister stayed indoors, reading".

Beverly Cleary, Dear Mr Henshaw (1983). Writing fan letters to a writer may be life-changing.

Roald Dahl, Matilda (1988). One of the most voracious readers in children's literature.

Edward Eager, Seven-day magic (1962).. The children take a book from a library and it turns out to be magic.

Michael Ende, The neverending story (1979). Bastian steals a book from a bookshop ans gets fully immersed in reading.

Charlie Fletcher, Far Rockaway (2011). Losing yourself in reading can be dangerous.

 John Green, The fault in our stars (2011). A book is central for the characters' spiritual quest. 

Norton Juster. The phantom tollbooth (1961). All about reading and words

Ole Lund Kierkegaard, Rubber Tarzan (1975, Denmark). A boy learns to read through a magic wish.

China Mieville, Un Lon Dun (2011). A magic book in a parallel world..

Katherine Paterson, Bridge to Terabithia (1978). Leslie is an avid reader and gets inspiration for her imaginative play with Jess from, among others, the Narnia Chronicles.

Lane Smith, It's a book (2012). For digital-age readers.

Johanna Spyri, Heidi (1881). Heidi learns to read, but loses something perhaps more valuable. 

Pamela Travers, Mary Poppins in the Park (1965). Early example of metafiction and the "Who is real" dilemma.

Jean Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs (1912). In her letters to her secret benefactor, Jerusha Abbot mentions numerious books that she has never read as a child. 

Markus Zuzak, The book thief (2008). No spoilers, but books obviously important.

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